Hyperion 2 Men's Running Shoes

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Size: 7.5
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Hyperion 2 Men's Running Shoes

Hyperion 2 Men's Running Shoes


Hyperion 2 Men's Running Shoes

Size: 7.5

Hyperion 2 Men's Running Shoes

Designed to help you tap into that punchy, speedy feeling, the Hyperion 2 men's running shoes deliver more of the responsive cushion than before for more softness underfoot. The streamlined fit and breathable mesh upper work with the cushioning to offer a versatile, performance-ready shoe.


     Feeling fast every day

     Versatile performance

     Accelerating your goals

     Responsive, lightweight cushion


  • Fast feel
  • Updated lightweight cushioning
  • Breathable upper
  • Versatility


Designed for: Road

Midsole drop: 8mm

Weight: 7.1oz / 201.3g

Color: Alloy/Bright White/Black


experience type speed
Light and responsive shoes designed to help you chase down your next PR or to feel a little faster.

Cushion level

More Cushioning

Support level


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